2026 Cadillac EV Sedans.

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Cadillac large EV sedan illustration.
Cadillac mid-size EV sedan illustration.

Cadillac is actually currently working on two new EV sedans.

GM is planning the 2 all-new models to be based on their new updated BEV Prime platform. Both models are rumored to have a fastback design, like the Cadillac Celestiq. The smaller one is supposed to be about the size of the current CT5 sedan. it will replace both the CT4 and CT5 in Cadillac’s lineup. The other one is a larger sedan which will bring Cadillac back into the large luxury sedan market. Competing against the Mercedes EQS, BMW i7, and Lucid Air.

The CT5 has received a few changes for the new model year, including a new dashboard inside and a new front end outside. While nothing new seems to be planned for the CT4. The CT6 was discontinued in 2020 but lives on in China where a 2nd generation CT6 came out last year.

It would be strange to see Cadillac without any sedan offering. Electric powertrains are the best thing ever for brands like Cadillac which have for decades advertised how quiet yet powerful their cars are.

These 2 new models are also expected to be sold globally. This means, unlike the new CT6 and GT4 compact, they will also be sold in North America.

The illustrations above show what 2 new Cadillac EV sedans of different sizes could look like. I think the 2nd one looks a bit clumsy, although quite realistic. Since some of their latest designs like the Celestiq and Optiq also look rather awkward…

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