Cadillac Eldorado Convertible.

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Just like with the Cadillac Eldorado illustration I posted a few days ago, all I have to say is: why not…

We already know Cadillac is indeed working on 2 new EV sedans based on an updated version of the Ultium platform. A platform designed for a mid-sized sedan would make a great start for a large 4-seater coupe or convertible. And of course, it would have to be large and be called Eldorado. Nothing ending with “IQ”.

I realize this would be even more of a niche market than the previously posted Eldorado Coupe illustration. If the coupe market isn’t healthy these days, the convertible market is almost dead. Although Mercedes still decided to offer a convertible version of their new CLE Coupe, and it looks really good.

The last big luxury convertible I can think of the the previous generation Mercedes S-Class convertible, based on the stunning coupe design. On sale from late 2014 to 2020.

With a possible new Eldorado coupe and convertible, Cadillac would have to abandon their crazy idea of making $ 300,000 cars like the new Celestiq. A ridiculous idea that will seem even crazier a few years from now. A new Eldorado convertible should cost a bit less than its competition, which is getting pretty rare these days. Like the $106 000 Lexus SC Convertible. Or the $ 101,000 BMW 8 series convertible. And it should be roomier than both of these cars. There should be plenty of space for at least 4 adults.

There is very little chance of seeing something like this. Or even any Cadillac convertible. And probably zero chance they’ll name anything Eldorado again…

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  1. First of all people, too beat the Man you half to be the Man , I’m a Jet planet flying Rolex whereing Son of a Gun Wow Rick Flair babe WOW.

  2. What a great concept car! I’d love to have one of these. The big Cadillacs used to have lots of style, and this rendering totally embodies that. Style, sport, luxury. I love it. Nice job with the lines and the detail!

  3. This beauty looks like it’s going 60 just setting there. Sharp detailing, would love to have one 🤑

  4. As a boy, I want nothing more than an Eldorado convertible. Now that I am older and I can afford it, they no longer make them. Hence, I’m driving a beautiful Mercedes E class Cabriolet. lovely car. I’m driving it because Cadillac abandoned me.

  5. Unfortunately they never match the concept vehicle. That is a very beautiful concept for Cadillac, just a big tease.

  6. I remember driving my uncle’s 74 Eldorado Red Convertible with white interior to my senior prom in 75💪🏽 That BOAT floated down the highways 😂❤️❤️

  7. Better than the Mercedes Benz boat tail dream concept car. The rear lines sweeps and design plus the rake on the whole vehicle are overwhelming. For real.

  8. These new cadillacs are hot. If I had the money boy, that’s all. I can say they are hot. Whoever is coming up with these. With the style of these new Cadillac’s, they ought to be praised. They ought to be given a raise. They are the dookie.
    Keep up the good job.

  9. Now that’s a Cadillac. For some one who has been driving Cadillac’s for 40 years that is it. Thinking about trading my CTS for one.

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