2025 Ford pickup EV.

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2025 Ford Pickup EV “project T3” illustration.

Ford is apparently working on a second electric pickup truck. And it is reportedly another full-size model instead of a more compact truck.

It is code-named “Project T3” and production will begin in 2025. A photo of a covered prototype was shown to investors. The image on top is an illustration showing what the new truck could look like. As it is rumored to look much more modern than the current F-150 Lightning, which still looks a lot like the regular F-150.

The new truck has been described as a “Millenium Falcon with a back porch attached”. It could be anything since I can’t really imagine a truck version of the Millenium Falcon… At least, it seems Ford will try to push the envelope for the new truck design, which is good news. They also seem to be following Tesla’s footsteps by mentioning a new focus on efficiency with streamlined manufacturing design to reduce cost, as well as minimal trims. Which could be more good news since it could lead to lower prices.

Although Ford had launched the new F-150 Lighning at around $41 000 for the base truck. It is now priced at $62 000. Which is a staggering increase. The base F-150 Lightning is now priced at over $20 000 more than the expected base price of the new Chevrolet Silverado EV. (Chevy also just announced an amazing 450 miles range for the Silverado EV). Ford has been trying to explain the crazy move:

“Ford is adjusting the MSRP on the 2023 F-150 Lightning Pro due to ongoing supply chain constraints, rising material costs, and other market factors. We will continue to monitor pricing across the model year. Current retail order holders awaiting delivery are unaffected by this adjustment. Current commercial and government customers with a scheduled order are also unaffected by this adjustment.”

All I can say is good luck once the Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV go on sale later this year, and the new Ram 1500 REV next year. It seems Ford is putting the F-150 Lightning in a very dangerous position, and will indeed need something cheaper soon.

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  1. Ford is frustrating me. After years of talking One Ford, their line up across continents is just as fragmented as always. They keep their best product for the NA market, not many models at all in EU or Australia. Come on!

  2. Seriously, for being the only freaking American brand that still exists that didn’t take a government bail out or loan… they keep struggling… and stock is never near $20 where GM always hovers 33-36.

    very frustrating indeed. bring the freaking Mach E to the states, where is the Lincoln Mach E?

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