Chevrolet Equinox PHEV.

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These are photos of the new Chevrolet Equinox PHEV being introduced in China. Where it is called the “Equinox Plus”.

RS and Activ trims are available with the new PHEV powertrain. It includes a 1.5 Liter engine with an electric motor. It seems no other specs are available yet.

This is exactly what they meant when GM was mentioned selling new Hybrids in the US. A PHEV Equinox is exactly what they need currently. With the new Equinox EV being available soon, a new PHEV version of the redesigned ICE Equinox should be a priority.

Although it might turn out to be more expensive than the Equinox EV which starts at around $ 35,000 before incentives. There is no official pricing on the new 2025 Equinox but the current generation RS trim starts at $34 000. (remember, there is no base trim for the PHEV). A price bump is expected for the new generation, and another one for the PHEV powertrain. This means we are probably talking about something starting at over $ 40,000.

That means GM could soon be in the awkward position to sell EVs for less money than Hybrids. This could help with so many complaining about EVs being so much more expensive than ICE or Hybrid vehicles. What will also help is GM’s new access to all Tesla chargers in the country.

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  1. They should add it to the Trax and Envista… Would be a wonderful new offer against
    Corolla Cross! And we all know that in China, the 1.5 is into these 2 crossovers hoods anyway…

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