Chevrolet Equinox Plus RS PHEV.

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These are just a few more photos of the Chinese market Chevrolet Equinox Plus. The “Plus” is the local name for the all-new PHEV version of the new and redesigned Chevrolet Equinox.

The new Equinox is scheduled to be available here this year, and a PHEV model is strongly expected later. Since GM has recently mentioned new plug-in hybrid models will be soon sold in the US.

The new Equinox Plus will be unveiled in just a few days in China. No numbers yet but power is expected to be at least 200HP. Over here, the Toyota RAV-4 prime produces over 300HP. Even the Ford Escape PHEV gets 210HP. I guess it would be possible for GM to introduce a more powerful version of the PHEV powertrain in the US.

While the 2025 Equinox is officially scheduled for “mid-2024” in North America, there is still no official word on a PHEV model. If we ever see one, it could probably be at least a year after the regular ICE versions come out.

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