Kia EV3.

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Of course, the interior of the upcoming Kia K3 compact EV will be toned down quite a bit from the really good concept we saw last year.

Still, it seems many design cues might have made it into the translation to a production car. It looks like the center console was indeed inspired by the concept. And the general shape of the dashboard seems to be a cross between the EV3 concept and the new K4 sedan.

Of course, it will be disappointing to compare the production version right next to the concept. The cool door armrests with their convenient storage area don’t seem to appear in the production prototype. The seats look exactly the same as every other new Kia model. And those really nice cloth trims all over the place seem to be replaced by the standard vinyl that is everywhere these days. Nothing is as fantastic as the trim in the concept or the new Volvo EX30.

The new Kia EV3 is expected to debut this summer, or less than a year after we saw the concept.

While the new Volvo EX30 is a great deal starting at $ 35,000, the Kia EV3 is expected by some to start at under $ 30,000. This would ensure Kia a unique spot in the US market since the $ 26,000 Chevrolet Bolt will soon stop production. Not being built in the US, the EV3 would not qualify for the federal incentives, but it will qualify for many state incentives. Pushing the price even lower. And the $7500 federal incentives will still be available on leases.

Currently, Hyundai is leasing the Hyundai Kona EV for $232 a month with $4000 down. A $ 33,000 car. It seems that a sub-$200 a month lease could easily be available on an even cheaper Kia EV3. Making the new Kia EV one of the cheapest cars to lease in the US.

And probably the cheapest one to buy.

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  1. The Volvo won’t qualify for the tax credit unless you lease it as it’s made in China. Some have also said to be made in Belgium for perhaps Europe only. They should have thought of expanding the Volvo plant down South instead of Europe.
    As far as EV3 Is concerned some have said this may be built in their new North American plant also in the South or perhaps Mexico.
    Other smaller EVs like the smallest Tesla may still be built. I have a feeling they will debut the Robotaxi with Elon saying, “We have one more item to show you” which will be model 2. The Fisker PEAR may be dead or have a chance of survival depending on what Deutsche Bank and PJT partners do with the brand.

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