2025 Kia EV3.

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After seeing the Kia EV3 concept a few months ago, we all know the production version is coming. And we have already seen numerous spy photos.

It seems the Kia EV3 is on a fast track to production, while there is no news about the EV4 sedan concept introduced at the same time as the EV3.

I saw the EV3 (and EV4) in person at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November, and they did look like complete concept cars, not ready at all for production. Especially their interiors. Both looked like design studio clay models with none of the details of a production car. It’s not surprising to see changes in the prototype testing around. The main one seems to be around the windows, which now have normal plastic trims, especially the rear side window trim that includes the rear door handles. In some photos I’ve seen earlier, that area looks pretty clumsy and plasticky, but the photo above seems to show some of the trim could be under the glass, which would look much better. It’s hard to tell.

The rear lights also seem quite a bit thicker and not as delicate as in the concept. Still, if Kia can keep most of the concept’s look, this will be a striking small EV. Let’s also hope they keep the great idea of using more cloth inside as the concept does. Something they missed with the Kia EV9. Although there is a little bit of cloth trim on the dash, it’s mostly the usual plastics and dead animal skin everywhere…

The EV3 is expected to start at around $ 30,000 in the US. Not sure where the EV3 will be built for the US market, but the EV9 will be built in Georgia starting later this year or early 2025. Which is about the time when the EV3 could be available. If built in the US, the compact EV could qualify for most incentives which would effectively lower its price to about $ 20,000. Much cheaper EVs are coming, fast, and these will also be compatible with the much more efficient and reliable Tesla NACs charging network. The EV3 has a huge potential for success.

However, the elephant in the room is of course Tesla’s upcoming new compact model. Something no one has seen yet (outside of Tesla). We keep hearing of a $ 25,000 base price. Factories are being built to manufacture it. But nothing else so far. Tesla models are by far more popular than any other EVs, and a compact Tesla would be a hit no matter what, and basically, bad news for everyone else. Just like the Model Y is.

This will be a very interesting year…

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  1. I think we’re on the threshold of major car companies figuring out that EVs are huge loser. There is absolute no depth in the market place, range anxiety is well-founded, the technology is insufficient at best, and they costt oo much.

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