Mazda EZ6.

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We finally get to see official photos of the all-new Mazda EZ6 EV sedan.

As everyone already knows, it is heavily based on the Changan SL03, a car manufactured by Mazda‘s Chinese partner Changan. However, it looks like Mazda has redesigned almost all exterior panels to make sure the new sedan looks like a proper Mazda. The interior seems also quite different.

2 versions of the new Mazda EZ6 will be offered in China. One is a pure EV with a range of 375 miles, and a PHEV model with a total range of around 625 miles.

Mazda officially describes the design as being based on the “Authentic Modern theme. the design of the Mazda EZ-6 seeks to capture the lively spirit and elegance of Mazda’s “Soul of Motion”.

Whatever that all means…

This is obviously a product that we will never see outside of China. I think it could have been worse. Although it still looks like a Mazda that could have come out years ago. As it doesn’t really look more modern than the current Mazda 3…

Let’s really hope the future Mazda 6e ends up a bit more original than this…

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  1. I don’t hate it. What its really got going for it, over the past Mazda6, is the right proportions. Our last 6 here in the States was way too big with not enough room inside or headroom… a recurring Mazda issue.

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