VW new ID Concept.

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VW will soon unveil a brand new EV concept. It is, so far, previewing a new design language for future ID models for the Chinese market.

They’ve released a couple of design sketches today. And they do look pretty nice, of course. As these usually do.

They also remind me a little bit of a couple of illustrations posted on this site last year. Showing what future VW EVs could look like. The gold-colored one is a coupe and could actually become a Scirocco EV. And the bottom illustrations show what a larger 3-row EV could look like. Something they already have in China as the ID.6.

Meanwhile, as we saw earlier, VW will very soon be selling rebadged Cupra models rebadged and under the VW brand in the Chinese market. These will also be coming to the US, sold under the Cupra brand.

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  1. The gold concept is not bad. But VW needs to give the headlights more presence and character. A light bar across the front or back is getting generic and does nothing to establish the brand – which VW desperately needs. Not the VW Bug headlights. Not the ID headlights or what they’ve inflicted on the Golf/GTI. They really s*&k at this.

  2. “Early design sketches” (like these) that we see all of the time are grossly exaggerated.

    When the actual vehicle gets introduced, they typically look very different than what we were initially led to believe.

    False promises.

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