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VW Scirocco EV illustration.

There is a new rumor about a future new VW Scirocco EV coming in the future.

The rumor mentioned it could be based on the same platform as the upcoming Porsche Boxter EV. This, like every new EV from Porsche and Audi models, was delayed due to software issues linked to the new EV platform. Some even mention a new Audi TT could also be based on that same platform.

The current Boxter is not a cheap car starting over $70,000. And you know the EV version will cost more since the new Porsche Macan EV costs about $20,000 more than the previous generation. A $20,000 premium might not matter to Porsche buyers, but it could for an Audi. And it definitely will for a VW, even if that premium is much less than $20,000. At least a new Scirocco EV wouldn’t be replacing a current model and it would be hard to compare.

The first previous generations were all based on the VW Golf. The Golf is scheduled to be replaced by a new EV based on the ID.2All Concept. A car that is supposed to start at around $ 28,000. Everything is always confusing with VW and it has also been mentioned the Golf won’t be replaced by an EV until 2028. So who really knows?

A new Scirocco would need to be, again, an affordable sporty coupe. Not a cheaper Porsche, but a sportier Golf. A $ 35,000 attractive and fun new Scirocco EV could be quite a hit.

But we all know what VW really needs. It’s a Beetle EV. With a new Mini EV, Fiat 500e, Renault 5, and Renault 4 coming, VW should feel the pressure. As I mentioned before, VW without a Beetle is like Disney without animation. No matter how successful it is, they need it.

If others can be successful with retro-looking cool and inexpensive EVs, VW can. If they want it…

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  1. Volkswagen’s history with these things goes something like this: introduce new sporty coupe that’s a little pricey, cancel it three years later, introduce a replacement that’s a little pricier a decade later, cancel it, introduce a replacement that’s a little pricier a decade later but with a new name, cancel it, claim the demand for such a product doesn’t exist for the next several years, then introduce something else a decade later that’s a little too pricey and that no one will buy because it’s electric, and then cancel it.

  2. Wait. VW can produce a simple EV front end like this, but all their other cars look like ___ ?
    They dont need a Scirocco necessarily. They do need their core models to be better in reliability and feature content (no, I dont mean one big screen with haptic touch for everything). And that’s the problem. They dont know who they are as a brand, if its not a cheap old ripoff of a lemon.

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