Xpeng P7 convertible.

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It looks like Chinese manufacturer Xpeng will be releasing a 2 door convertible version of their P7 EV sedan.

While it looks like so many other new Chinese sedans, the P7 came out almost 4 years ago. The clean design is still modern and like any other EVs these days, it is available as a single-motor RWD or a dual-motor AWD version. The P7 was refreshed last year, with updated powertrains.

From the teaser above, it looks like a new convertible version is about to come out. The sedan is the same size as a Toyota Camry, which means the convertible could be the equivalent of a modern Toyota Solara convertible. Or a Chrysler Sebring.

Of course, we’re not getting any models from the Xpeng brand in North America. Although last year, VW purchased 5% of the company, so who knows if at least some Xpeng technology will end up in various VW products or not in the future.

The Xpeng P7 is sold in some European countries, at a price starting at 50,000 Euros ($54,000) to 60,000 Euros ($65,000).

These are not cheap cars…

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