2025 Ford Equator Sport.

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The Equator Sport is the shorter 5-seat version of the Ford Equator I posted about very recently.

Just like its larger 7-seater sibling, the Equator Sport is getting a refresh for the new model year. Which, again, includes all-new front and rear-end designs. Although the rear end seems quite similar to the previous version.

The new front end is also different from the larger Equator. And seems more “Ford-like” unlike the Equator which now looks a lot like the Kia Telluride.

Just like the larger version, the new Equator Sport will be available with a PHEV option.

While not earth-shattering or even super modern looking, I think this revised Equator Sport could make a decent Ford Edge replacement for the North American market. I guess it won’t happen since it already came out a few years ago. The Edge was replaced in China last year with a weird and borderline strange new SUV.

I just wonder what Ford will do with the North American Edge

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