2025 Toyota 4Runner Video.

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This is a short video from Toyota showing the all-new 2024 4Runner SUV, inside and out.

The new 4runner is basically an SUV version of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma (Both share the exact same interior). It is also closely related to the new Toyota Land Cruiser. The new 4Runner is actually about an inch longer than the new Land Cruiser!

It will be interesting to find out about pricing, especially against the Land Cruiser which starts at over $55,000. The new 4Runner is expected to start at over $ 10,000 less. This makes the retro design and better interior quite an expensive extra… (although it might actually be worth it to avoid the ghastly 4Runner/Tacoma interior).

As usual, the video includes my non-expert and extremely incompetent comments.

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  1. on a certain Youtube channel I like to refer to as the Toyota Propaganda Network – Florida Edition, there are a couple videos now (after getting totally shredded for shill activity) about how and why the Tacoma sales are falling. Its not just the Tacoma. Its the 4Runner and Tundra and all of Toyota’s recently more expensive products. We have over 200 trucks and 60RAVs swelling the lot at my dealer alone. Inventories are starting to skyrocket at dealers. So be sure to get plenty of cash on the hood if you’re looking.

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