Future Toyota RAV-4

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It seems there is a never-ending constant flow of illustrations trying to guess what the next-generation Toyota RAV-4 could look like.

Here are a few I don’t think we’ve seen here before, even if they’re not all-new. We don’t know much about the next RAV-4, but it is rumored to be introduced later this year. Possibly at the Los Angeles Auto shows like the 2025 Camry was last year. For an actual release soon after or earlier in 2025.

My guess is that it will have a standard Hybrid powertrain, like the 2025 Camry. And again, no one knows if it will be an all-new design or a heavy refresh with a new interior like the 2025 Camry.

  • The 1st illustrations look pretty goofy to me and overly aggressive. There seems to be another logo under the Toyota logo for some reason. A very disturbing feature indeed…
  • The 2nd one seems like a sleeker and sportier-looking version of the current design. Which would be just fine.
  • The 3rd illustration is just too much and the wheels are especially goofy-looking. I guess some quick AI thing…
  • The next two are pretty generic. Basically a slightly more modern version of the current design.
  • I think the last two are the best and most realistic by far. As they look like more pragmatic takes on the current model. Nothing crazy yet something that will look a bit new. Especially the last one which could really look like the real thing.

What do you think?

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