2025 VW Jetta.

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I think VW did an excellent job with the revised 2025 Jetta.

The current generation came out in 2018. The VW Jetta was a fine-looking sedan with a rather conservative look. VW tried to shake things up in 2022 with a disastrous facelift (Grey car above).

What we have today fixes most of the problems from the 2022 ghastly revision. But at the same time, doesn’t look much more modern than the original 2018 design. Still, it is wonderful to see a shrinking grille for once. And far less crappy-looking black plastic.

Inside it is getting a revised dashboard. Only the top part seems new and some of the controls on the center console as well. It adopts the stupid tablet screen design that looks like a cheap after-market tablet from Pep Boys. And just look at that bezel! It’s almost as thick as the center screen in the new Lincoln Nautilus. The powertrain is still the 1.5 Liter Turbo with 158HP with a standard 7-speed dual clutch. If you want a manual, you’ll need to get the GLI, still powered by the good old VW 2.0 Liter Turbo with 228HP.

However, let’s not forget the Jett starts at $23,300, including destination. A roomy, comfortable sedan for that price is actually pretty rare these days. it’s almost $2000 cheaper than the cheapest Honda Civic. With over 47,000 of them sold last year, it’s actually getting more popular than the previous year. Nothing like 2012 with over 183,000 sold, but at least numbers are going up.

Let’s hope VW gets rewarded with more sales this time around.

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  1. Another boring design with the same horizontal LED tailights seen on every other new car today. Looks like the Avalon.

  2. Haha. I’m not going to lie. I’m usually really good about cars, but far away, at night, I thought the new accord was an Avalon. These folks.

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