2025 VW Jetta.

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From these photos, it looks like the VW Jetta is getting another refresh for the new year.

The current 7 generation came out in 2018, and it received a ghastly “facelift” for 2022. Which included an unholy amount of crappy-looking black plastic. The revised front end pictured above seems to be a step in the right direction. Going back to something a bit less vulgar.

Changes don’t seem that drastic in the rear of the car. Where the main event seems to be redesigned tail lights. I am afraid that any change inside will mean the Jetta will inherit the ugly tablet screen all new VW models are getting, including the revised Golf and GTI. An interior that has widely been criticized for its cheap look and feel.

There is also a rumor about the death of the manual transmission. This was expected, since for years VW has made it very very hard for anyone in the US to actually get one anyway.

After 6 years, VW will “pull a Tesla Model 3” on us with a revised interior and front end for the Jetta, and not an all-new model. Sales aren’t doing great with around 47 000 of them sold last year. Although it’s not much worse than the Taos with its 59 000 units sold. I guess VW thought the Taos would basically replace the Jetta in the US as their cheapest model.

Still, the revised 2025 Jetta could be the last time we see anything new about VW’s cheapest sedan in the US…

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  1. Have probably seen one on the road. VW still trying to reheat this product in the microwave. 😆 Maybe try to make it relevant to buyers by redesigning it with a liftback for practicality, adding hybrid power for efficiency, literally anything besides what they’re doing. It doesn’t take much brainpower to see what successful competitors are doing.

    “Yeah but that would eat into crossover sales…”

    Really, well what does that tell you… so add practical and efficient features that people want into your entry level sedan so you can SELL them.

  2. This is a case where people need to be either freed to do their job or let go and some fresh blood hired. The size and shape are classic for a sedan. But VW can’t put a decent modern design onto the front or back end to save their lives. And the interiors… yeah, cheap. I mean, I could basically go through and point out all their changes to them, and keep to a realistic price point – why can’t they?

  3. VW has the worst dealer network and the worst website of any car maker. Why not the worst designs for a triple play?

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