2025 VW Jetta video.

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This is a short video showing the revised 2025 VW Jetta from all angles, inside and out.

I think VW did a great job with the exterior of the car. Although you’d expect a new generation by now, the 6-year-old Jetta still looks pretty decent, in a classic sort of way, and the new front end fixes the disastrous 2022 psycho facelift.

The interior is mostly the same except for the top portion of the dash, where VW decided to go for the stupid tablet look, with no effort to include the screen in this dashboard design. And that rather small 8-inch unit is surrounded by a huge piano black plastic bezel, reminiscent of late 1980s laptop computers. Why???

They also replaced the temperature controls with the touch sliders everyone seems to hate. Not a good move or improvement…

See for yourself and tell me what you think of the 2025 VW Jetta.

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