2026 Hyundai Palisade.

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These recent spy shots don’t really make the next-generation Hyundai Palisade look upscale at all.

The much more angular design might actually work, as it does in the 2024 Santa Fe, but so far, it looks a bit weird, and dare I say… cheap. The top photo shows a little bit more of the profile than we’ve previously seen, and it actually seems a bit old. Or like a cheaper off-road SUV.

What we see of the headlights could be a preview of quite an obnoxious light show, like so many other cars these days.

Apparently, Hyundai has big hopes for the next Palisade and has pushed the start of the production to December. The new Hybrid version could prove to be quite popular and Hyundai expects an increase in production over the current model as well.

While production will start a bit early, we might not see the new Palisade until next spring in the US, as a 2026 model.

Besides the 2.5 Liter/6 speed auto hybrid model, Hyundai is expected to still offer a large V6 as well, probably with a turbo.

With production now starting in December, we should see the real thing in the fall at the latest. This still gives us plenty of time for more spy shots and illustrations of the next-generation Hyundai Palisade

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  1. They ruined the Santa Fe and now Hyundai appears to be doing the same thing with the Palisade. I still haven’t completely warmed up to the current Tucson either. The only new crossover design that I find even remotely attractive is the Kona and I think it is because the overall shape vaguely reminds me of the previous generation Tucson.

    “Modern” must be the new secret code word for “hideous”.

  2. Perhaps this spy shot is a lower trim model, because the wheels look really small to me. I saw a base Mazda CX90 earlier today and the small wheels made even it look cheap in comparison to top trim models.

  3. The wheels on this one look really small. Perhaps a lower trim model? Even the CX90 on small wheels looks really cheap in comparison to upper trims.

  4. I agree that these must be two different trim levels. The second + third vehicles have the same license plate and seem to have fancier headlights and bigger wheels. At least the grille does not appear to be larger than the rest of the car like so many vehicles have nowadays. Whew!!

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