2026 Kia Stinger EV.

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A few months ago, there was a rumor about an all-new generation Kia Stinger coming out in 2026, as an EV.

Some sites were even reporting specs like 600HP and almost 500 miles of electric range. We haven’t heard anything since last February, but that hasn’t stopped various illustrators to try and guess what an electric Kia Stinger could look like. It would probably be based on the same EV platform that is currently used by the Kia EV6 and EV9, as well as various Hyundai EVs. And of course, by 2026, battery tech will have improved, so 500 miles isn’t that crazy to imagine.

  • The first two illustrations show a car that basically looks 90% like the upcoming Kia EV4. Which is probably wrong.
  • The 3rd one just looks like a regular Kia Stinger with a revised face.
  • The 4th and 5th illustrations are your basic garden variety AI stuff produced in about 90 seconds. With zero thought put into trying to make these look a bit more like a real Kia Stinger EV could look like.
  • The next illustration seems refreshing because it’s not red. But that’s about it. Another previous Stinger with a redesigned front end. Kind of like a 2025 Toyota Camry...
  • The last 2 are just totally unrealistic. Again, these are straight AI stuff from an 8-year-old with no work put into it.

Considering the unpopularity of the previous Stinger, I’m not sure why Kia would keep trying. But it took them a long time to finally understand US customers weren’t buying the K9 and K900 sedans.

I’m not saying it wouldn’t be a great car. I guess it’s worth another try, since Nissan and Infiniti are also coming up with larger EV sedans. Why not…

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  1. Those AI illustrations are likely way off. I’d love to see the Stinger make a return as an EV but wish they would release a proper hybrid as well though. A Stinger EV will carry a price tag that will sting indeed.

  2. Think there is space for an EV8 model like this, maybe sedan style or even sports car.
    Would give a range of
    EV4, EV6, EV8 as the sedan style and
    EV3, EV5, ‘EV7’, EV9 as SUV.
    EV1, EV2 become city car models

  3. Thank you, Vince. But personally, I’m growing weary of “one person’s illustrations of a possible future vehicle.”

    They are likely way different than the real thing (if it ever comes out all). So why publish them?

  4. Some of these look great, but of course they aren’t coming from Kia themselves, so they are as good as useless to predict what some future Stinger might look like. I do hope they don’t go a full EV route and instead go hybrid. I personally wouldn’t even consider an EV myself, and I know I am not the only one. A hybrid, however, sounds like a great solution.

  5. Count on the EV4 to offer a GT and GT Line variant offering you the most you will get to a Stinger as possible

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