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Just a few more pictures showing what the “non-M Line” version of the new 2025 BMW X3 looks like.

Of course, a bit of chrome helps somehow. And some of that black plastic crap is gone up front. But still, what a mess…

This new BMW X3 is, as usual these days, apparently closely related to the previous model. Since most of the R&D money will be going to the really new SUV: the next iX3, based on the Neue Klasse X Concept.

Both the 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder and the Inline 6 are getting a mild hybrid tech for more power than before. That will be 255Hp for the 4 cylinders, from 248HP. Something no one will ever notice. The 6-cylinder goes from 382HP to 393HP.

The cheapest model in the US will be the X3 Drive 30 starting at $50,675. The 6-cylinder M50 starts at $65,275.

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  1. And people used to think the Bangle era was bad, this is a new low for BMW. For a company that has so much potential, they still under deliver consistently.

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