2025 BMW X3.

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The top image is probably the worst-quality spy shot ever published. But that’s all we got about the new BMW X3 for today.

The second and much better photo was published a few days ago, and it shows a different front-end design. Apparently, the newer photo with the white X3 shows the “M Line” version. Looking even worse than the other one.

For many years now BMW has been churning out one ugly design after another, and this new X3 is just the latest in a series of ghastly and nauseating vehicles from the Bavarian brand.

It seems things could turn around a bit with the upcoming “Neue Klasse” series coming soon as a sedan and new iX3 SUV.

There might still be hope for something visually decent from these guys after all. However, this is not it…

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  1. in the pre-SUV era, BMW had such a simple and clearly brand identifiable look. Once SUVs hit big time, that look has been turning into Frankensteins monster. Its a shame that the age of electrification hasn’t caused BMW to return to the simpler aesthetic. They had one concept that was very clean. Not sure why they can’t do the same with their SUVs

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