2025 BMW X3.

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Another day, another uglier than-ever BMW…

The top photo shows what the next-generation BMW X3 looks like, and it’s not pretty. Just when you thought the recurrent generation had reached the limit of how ghastly the X3 could be, BMW shows they have no limit in exploring the “world of ugly” and reaching for the stars.

It seems everything they design is now inspired by the obnoxious and distasteful BMW XM and BMW iX. The latest X2 is shockingly ugly and now this…

The car above is not the all-new electric SUV that is also coming out soon. That one will be a production version of the much better-looking “Neue Klasse X” concept we saw a few months ago. It seems a totally different design team is in charge of these “Neue Klasse” models, and it’s quite a blessing. At least a couple of new BMW designs could end up quite decent.

This new offensive-looking machine will be available with regular gas engines with a PHEV version. Just like the current model. For something really new (and better looking), you will have to wait for the Neue Klasse X-based iX3 later this year or early next year.

Meanwhile, the monster above starts production in August.

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  1. I have a 2020 X3 and a 2013 230xi. Ordered the 2 series coupe because I didn’t like the beaver grill. I was thinking of a new X3 this year but if that’s the final photo, I think I’ll go with Genesis . Sorry my last 18 vehicles were BMW. You lost your styling designers to the competition.

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