Cadillac Eldorado video.

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This is a short compilation of various illustrations attempting to guess what a new Cadillac Eldorado for the Ultium age could look like.

The “big Cadillac” is now a truck, and I think it’s a shame. A true large 2-door Cadillac luxury coupe would be a great “halo car’ for the historical brand. Of course, not many would actually buy one, but how many units of the goofy $ 340,000 Cadillac Celestiq will ever be produced anyway?

These show various styles, from the almost production-ready to the unrealistic, almost Batmobile-like design. I guess we can imagine anything we want or would like.

My favorite is actually the last car shown which looks like an actual clay model from the Cadillac design department. Not sure exactly what year it’s from, but it seems they were working on the 1979 Eldorado at the time. That one would still look fantastic today and would be a perfect Cadillac showcase for GM’s Ultium platform.

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