Future Cadillac Compact SUV.

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Cadillac Compact EV SUV illustration.

Cadillac just released the all-new Optiq EV SUV just a few days ago.

And Cadillac execs are open to the idea of an even smaller future EV model, which does make a lot of sense.

The new Cadillac Optiq is almost the exact same length as the Cadillac XT5. Which is not really considered a compact SUV, but competes more with other mid-sized models like the Lexus RX.

The smaller Cadillac XT4 is about a foot shorter than the XT5. This really means there would be plenty of room below the Optiq for a smaller Ultium-based Cadillac SUV.

Price-wise, the new Cadillac Optiq will start at $54,000 including AWD and SuperCruise. A less expensive 2WD version with Super Cruise as an option could very well be priced at under $50,000. That still leaves some room for a new smaller model starting between $40,000 and $45,000. This would basically be the EV equivalent to the current XT4. Just like the new Optiq could soon replace the aging XT5 in the US. (A new ICE XT5 is coming out very soon for the Chinese market).

Should Cadillac come up with a cheaper and smaller EV?

I say why not?

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