2025 Cadillac XT5.

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I posted photos of the newly redesigned Cadillac XT5 a few months ago. Today we get to see it a little more, especially inside.

So far, this next-generation XT5 is for the Chinese market only. Cadillac officially mentioned a few years ago that all their new models for North America would be EVs. Although Cadillac execs have recently mentioned the brand could become “more flexible”. Which means having new ICE or even hybrid models and not only EVs.

While the XT5 used to be the brand’s best-selling model, it isn’t anymore. It is beaten not only by the Escalade but also by the CT5 sedan. And especially, the new Lyriq EV. The current XT5 dates back from 2016 and a new generation would surely be more popular, at least for a while. Although the Lyriq numbers keep going up very quickly as production problems are resolved. It will probably be much more popular than most other Cadillac models by the end of this year or the next.

Launching a new generation XT5 in the US could end up being quite costly. Unless GM imports it from China. Like they do with the Buick Envision. And Lincoln does with the new Nautilus.

Plus, besides the much-improved interior, it looks like the new XT5 looks a lot like the current model, even if it’s a new design.

It might not be worth it after all…

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  1. Make it in US. It will selll! Pushed EV too aggressively. DO NOT IMPORT FROM CHINA. It is a Cadillac. I own a CT5V – excellent product.

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