2025 Cadillac XT5.

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We just saw early photos of the redesigned Cadillac XT5 SUV and we now see new pictures of different versions available, at least in China.

The usual, with different wheels, chrome or black trim, etc… GM is still not saying if the new XT5 will be sold in the US or not after the demise of the current generation later this year. If so, they are probably still deciding if it should be built here or imported from China like the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus.

While the design does look pretty nice, I was still expecting more, even if underneath the car is mostly the same. At least the new Honda Accord looks 100% different from the previous one while being mostly the same car as before. (Even if that’s not the best thing in the case of the Accord…). Cadillac could and should have done better, especially after 8 years. Its profile actually reminds me a bit of the new Chevrolet SUV designs like the Equinox EV or the 2024 Traverse. All these C-pillars are so similar. You’d think Cadillac would at least be more different.

I guess the XT5 clientele is quite conservative and any change could come at a cost for GM. Although with US sales way under 30,000 units a year, you’d think they would take a change. And that’s the problem. This new XT5 was designed for the more conservated Chinese market. Not the US, where Cadillac had said goodbye to any new ICE model.

Until now. maybe…

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