2025 Cadillac XT-5.

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Next-generation Cadillac XT-5 illustration.

It looks like we might be getting a next-generation Cadillac XT-5 SUV in the US after all. Back in 2021, GM stated that Cadillac would be an EV-only brand by 2030. Rory Harvey, global vice president of Cadillac claimed the Escalade was to be Cadillac’s final new ICE model in the US.

A next-generation Cadillac XT-5 has always been planned, for the Chinese market, and prototypes have already been caught testing. GM also introduced a new-generation CT-6 sedan over there and a new Buick Lacrosse. A new XT-5 is being engineered and designed especially for the Chinese market where Cadillac will still offer new ICE models for a while.

However, GM has had problems producing enough EVs for the US lately, delaying production dates and product launches. Meanwhile, the XT5 is getting old. It went from selling over 68,000 units in 2017 to just over 27,000 last year, while the “old” Lexus RX still sold over 96,000 units.

The Lyriq has had trouble ramping up production due to issues with assembling battery modules and a shortage of batteries as well. For these reasons, they are very far from producing 24,000 units a year, as previously anticipated. A number that would have been very close to current XT5 sales.

It seems GM doesn’t want to abandon the mid-sized luxury SUV market and a new XT-5 would be an easy stopgap until production of the Lyriq and upcoming Optic increase to decent numbers.

Another issue would be to decide if the XT-5 would be imported from China or produced here. Cadillac did import the Hybrid version of the CT-6 sedan from China a few years ago in very small numbers. Currently, the Buick Envision is imported from China, with over 35,000 units sold this year so far (over 130,000 last year in China!). And the upcoming Lincoln sold in North America will also be a Chinese-made product.

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  1. Cadillacs and Lincolns now being made in China for sale in America …

    This is probably just the beginning of the Chinese takeover. I predict that Tesla will eventually be purchased by a Chinese company.

  2. I’ve been saying this for the past year…GM was foolish to not plan for one more generation of the XT5/XT6 and Blazer. A made-in-China XT5/XT6 is probably all they can hope for right now.

  3. Your move Cadillac. I want another XT6. Driving one if the first 2020s made. Love it, want another one, but no reason to buy a new one with 2023s exactly the same as mine. You put in the ‘outdated’ version of Super Cruise and a few new colors as an update – not enough. I’ll be waiting…or moving on. No where to plug in an EV in my old neighborhood with only street parking.

  4. I will not purchase an XT5 MADE IN CHINA!
    I was looking forward to a new design for the XT5 and was told it was being discontinued in gas format?
    I will not purchase an EV either! Just too many negatives for me with price and charging issues bring the biggest and the fact I don’t feel they are any more emission free than a gas vehicle. IT JUST A DIFFERENT TRADE OFF & WE WERE SOLD A BILL OF GOODS BY THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION REGARDING EV’s•••••

  5. Looks great- smart move for U.S. you will sell 50,000 units- DON’T produce it in CHINA and destroy the brand you are so desperately ellevating.

  6. So glad I chose a Hyundai !
    …..don’t think it will be made in China anytime soon…..
    All others: WORRY ?? !!

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