New Honda EV.

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The Honda e: NS2 is a new EV for the Chinese market We’ve seen it before as a concept model and this is the final version that just went on sale.

Official pricing has been announced for all 4 trims, which range from around $26,000 to $29,000. For comparison, the Tesla Model 3 starts at just under $32,000 in China.

At 188.5 inches long the new Honda e: NS2 is actually almost 4 inches longer than our Honda CR-V. While the CR-V isn’t a fantastic design, the e: NS2 has some ghastly proportions, especially its profile with huge overhangs. Something you usually don’t see on an EV.

The e: NS2 uses a 68.8kWh battery pack from CATL, which takes 36 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%, which is not great at all. The total electric range is 338 miles in the Chinese test cycle. Or closer to 250 miles EPA.

The whole thing seems pretty underwhelming on so many levels. That color doesn’t help things either. It’s also pretty expensive since it’s not that much cheaper than a Tesla.

For once, I’m glad this isn’t coming here…

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  1. What are the top brass at Honda thinking? Have they even looked at the newer sleek and beautifully appointed offerings from BYD, Geely, and others with fast-charging CATL batteries?

    This thing will be a total failure in the Chinese market- now the largest car market in the world.

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