New Mitsubishi Van.

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Mitsubishi is planning to sell an all-new van model in the US in the next few years. The grainy and blurry illustration above shows what this new van could look like. Obviously based on the recent D:X concept above.

Mitsubishi has already described the new model as “the roomy cabin space of an MPV, the road handling of an SUV”. While the “road handling of an SUV” is not necessarily the best thing, a cool-looking “go-anywhere” compact van sounds really great. It will also be a PHEV model.

They are planning to launch a new model every year from 2026 to 2030. That means the van is at least 2 years away or more. A new model competing against the Subaru Outback is also in the cards. Hopefully, Mitsubishi can make it look better and much more modern than the Subaru, which should not be that hard. The concept van shown above looks truly modern and quite futuristic and could shake things un in the 4WD marketplace.

Mitsubishi recently released a teaser image of their upcoming lineup. And the only one that could be the new one is the weirdo in the middle.

Let’s hope the new van will be really nice, and especially, affordable to most of us.

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  1. Mitsubishi needs something relevant and it needs it asap. They should really consider bringing the XForce stateside.

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