2006 Nissan Sentra???

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The all new Nissan Tiida ,for the Japanese market, might just be very close to what we’ll get as the new Sentra in the US.

The addition of a regular trunk (or maybe not) might actually be the only major change. Let’s hope they have enough guts and try to compete with the boring Civics and Corollas with something different, and much more modern, like the Tiida.

Looks like it is based on the same frame as the Renault Megane that came out a couple of years ago.

The design of the hatchback looks very much like a smaller Murano. And Nissan has hinted about a “smaller than Murano car based SUV” being added to their line up soon…

And the interior is one of the nicest in a compact car. It does feel like a mini Murano in there too!

The engine should be an all new 1.8 Liter.

We’ll have to wait january 2005 to see the actual Sentra replacement…

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  1. Looks nice, but I still like the Mazda3 better inside and out. Maybe it would look better in a different color.

  2. It’s because you didn’t see how the hatchback would look like… just go there: The sentra hatchback will rock if it looks like this one.

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