• 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

    I have to admit, the PT Cruiser has been one of my favorite cars since it came out. Even before!I couldn’t believe Chrysler could actually produce such a cool looking car. I almost bought one, after all the “dealer gouging craze” that is…The 2006 revision doesn’t bring anything great outside. New lights anf bumpers don’t… Continue reading 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

  • New renault Clio

    We also saw this car before. But these are officials.And it is a big step from the current Clio. I had the chance(or not) to ride in a Clio a couple of years ago, and was surprised how cheap everything looked and felt!This one looks to be much, much better.The interior seems fantastic for the… Continue reading New renault Clio

  • Subaru Impreza/WRX

    Nothing brand new, we already saw this new front end a few weeks ago. But these are the official pictures. And, as you can see, the interior gets only very minor changes. Which brings the question: why bother???

  • 2006 VW Cabrio testing

    So far so good. It does look like the concept from last year.Which it should.(the concept is the bottom picture)We’ll know for sure in September. And it should be over here next spring.

  • The better choice

    This is one cool car from GM. And, I think, a much better choice than the revised Saturn Vue.Much cheaper too. A loaded one should be around $20 000. And that’s before the unavoidable rebates.And it doesn’t pretend to be an SUV either. It is basically a more modern, roomier and better PT Cruiser.The GM… Continue reading The better choice

  • 2006 Saturn Vue

    I must say, that interior is a huge step forward from the 2005 model. At least in pictures. (and these are very nice pictures)But that front end is a nightmare. They even ruined the look of the “Red Line” sport model, with another version of that horrible front!Who else can design 2 of the ugliest… Continue reading 2006 Saturn Vue

  • Opel Vectra

    The top photos are the new one.And as expected, that new front end looks awfully close to the upcoming Saturn Aura.But they pretty much kept the rest of the car as it was before. Except for the stuff that is cheap to change, like the tail lights, wheels and bumpers. Even less news inside. But… Continue reading Opel Vectra

  • H3 In Europe

    That’s right. You might think this could never work. The continent were small sensible hatchback cars outsell everything else couldn’t possibly want this !Well… GM is trying. But not so hard. First, they only have the gas engine available. Although they claim a 3.0 Liter diesel should come later. They have no chance at all… Continue reading H3 In Europe

  • 2006 VW “new” New Beetle

    I don’t think they “ruined” that great design. But the problem is: why even bother???The New Beetle is one of the best car designs out there and there is no good reason to move away from the original 1994 “Concept one” design.Why try to make it more angular? Isn’t the “Bug ” the one car… Continue reading 2006 VW “new” New Beetle

  • Ssang Yong Kyron

    These are the official shots of the new Ssang Yong SUV. It looks pretty nice, and much, much better than some of their other offerings…It even has now an independant rear suspension!And, like most other Ssang Yong, uses a Mercedes diesel engine, In this case, the 2.7 Liter with 176hp.Sales in Europe should start soon… Continue reading Ssang Yong Kyron

  • 2006 Saturn Vue

    Am I the only one thinking this is an aberation???The new front end (above), to me, ruins the whole design. This was one of the more attractive car based SUVs. More chrome isn’t the answer to everything.They keep changing what doesn’t need to be changed. Remember the Pontiac Fiero? Complains about the car were many:… Continue reading 2006 Saturn Vue

  • Peugeot 407 Coupe

    This production model caught near Versailles, looks almost exactly the same as the “concept” shown a few months earlier. No surprises there. Although it is not as perfect as the previous coupe, this new one is a gorgeous adition to an already fantastic 407 line up…

  • R.I.P Audi A2

    Another cool small car bites the dust… Audi’s smallest model, the A2, will stop production in July of this year.It was never a huge seller but I don’t think it was intended to be, really.And 175 000 units in 6 years isn’t that bad.No word on a replacement yet. And I wouldn’t count on it.… Continue reading R.I.P Audi A2

  • Peugeot 307

    That was a complete waste from Peugeot. The 307 still looks great.This slight restyling looks very good, but why bother???Seems like it’s just a new front, bumpers, wheels and interior details.I don’t get it. But I must say that new front end looks fantastic…