2023 ORA Lightning: close to the concept…

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While we have seen this new ORA sedan as a concept before, this is the first time we get to see the production version.
Or has already released the “Good Cat”. A small EV hatchback that is actually going on sale in Europe as well. And has been getting pretty good reviews so far.
And they, of course, just showed the fantastically retro-looking “Punk Cat”. Which is “heavily inspired” by the old VW Beetle. And looks quite fantastic IMO…
This new one is a more upscale sedan. Also looking quite retro. And a lot like something Porsche could have designed.
The whole thing stays pretty close to the concept (brown car)
Except for the rear end. Which is too bad. The original rear lights looked really good. Or maybe, just like the Punk Cat, ORA will offer different light designs for different versions.
And of course, this should have been a hatchback…
I really think it would be great to have the ORAbrand in North America. Smaller, less expensive EVs with huge personalities would be welcome anywhere.
For those who are not fans of the rounded/Porsche-like design of the ORA Lightning, ORA is also working on another retro sedan
It was shown last year as the “Futurist Concept”. And so far, it seems all of their concepts have become production models.
Imagine this whole lineup of fun-looking cars.


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  1. Yeah, I loved what you showed us with the PunkCat – great vibe. I even like this. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if ORA came to the US. I know the domestics are fighting it like crazy, but Chinese cars are already being sold here (ex. Buick).

    Can't wait to see what they do next, cuz personally I'm sick of Tesla (they're ugly) and Musk is a jack-hole.

  2. Hey it's fun cars. Then I think about the Uyghurs.
    I buy from China when it's the only choice.
    With cars I don't have to do that.
    So, Vince, be as amoral as you want.

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