2023/24 Toyota Tacoma: new spy shots…

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Obviously, the next-generation Toyota Tacoma isn’t going to re-invent the segment. As it looks like a cross between the current generation and the new Tundra.
Unfortunately, it also looks like it will inherit a huge grille design inspired by the Tundra. 
Speaking of huge, it also looks really big. At least on these photos taken next to a Chevrolet full-size SUV.
I had no idea, but they still sold over 250 000 of these last year! (The current generation came out in 2015)
This is a big deal for Toyota. Although a new Nissan Frontier came out last year. And a new Ranger and next-generation Colorado/Canyon are coming out in a few months. 
Bringing more competition.


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  1. Just a thought, since you mention Nissan. Nissan is attempting to split from their toxic relationship with Renault (and the Ghosn era of diminishment).

    If Nissan gets free, I think it should become part of the Toyota alliance. Here's why…. Toyota becomes the rugged consumer truck and super eco, basic car group. Subie stays AWD lifestyle. Mazda becomes near luxury sport. Nissan becomes pure affordable sport. Leaving Lexus to move up and become full luxury electric/techno. Afterall, Nissan needs help and its legacy is sporty cars. And Toyota needs help… but they should stop feeding BMW.

  2. my guess is also that it will mimic the new Tundra, hopefully it will look a bit more unique to the 4runner . My cousin bought a 2021 4runner and he said with taxes it was $55,000 cnd. He also said he knows he can sell it and make about $2000 profit because of the new/used car madness.
    What i really would love to own (with my imaginary overflowing bank account) is the 2021 Nissan Frontier. I think the ProX is $45K and with a few options, easily get to $50K+.
    Too rich for me.

  3. am i the only one who sees the front headlamps with cutouts that look like a ford so they want us to think it's a ranger or something at first?

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