2023 Buick Envista: a look inside…

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We’ve already seen the all-new Buick Envista fully uncovered a few weeks ago.
Now we get to see its modern and clean-looking interior. Or at least, some of it.
So far, the Envista is a Chinese market model. Powered by a 1.5 Liter Turbo engine. Although the design is inspired by the Electra X Concept, the Envista is not an EV.
This could make a nice Buick Encore replacement in the US. maybe something in-between the $25 000 Encore GS and the $32 000 Envision? The coupe-like shape could also attract a different audience.


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  1. As GM pushes towards electrics, I wonder if there will be enough room for the Buick brand. This looks entirely Chevy grade.

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