Honda Civic Hybrid: not for us yet…

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Honda is currently launching the new Civic Hatchback Hybrid in Europe.

It uses a 2.0 Liter engine (Similar to the discontinued Insight) and gets a bit above 50MPG in the Euro cycle. Wich doesn’t seem better than the 55City/40HWY Insight. And barely better than the 48MPG combined of the larger Accord.

Maybe that’s why Honda US hasn’t announced when the Civic Hybrid would be coming over here. During my test drive of the Touring Sedan, I got up to 50MPG on the freeway. (32 around town). 

And I averaged almost 50MPG in the Accord hybrid. They need a Civic Hybrid to average at least 55MPG. Maybe that’s what they’re working on? Or they’ll just “forget about it” and push the new Accord Hybrid instead as their one Hybrid sedan in the US?

Who knows….


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  1. I'm sure this will be a little different than the Insight – heavier maybe, wider tires, etc…hopefully better equipped. But right now, I'd take this in a second to get an updated car with 50mpg+. Never liked the Toyota's, even if their hybrid system is maybe more efficient.

  2. I always wanted Honda to make the Civic/Insight Hybrid as a hatchback, but now that the Integra is a hatchback it doesn't make sense to change the Civic Hybrid to one, especially if Acura ends up getting a Hybrid Integra (which they probably should).

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