2024 Nissan Sentra: revisions…

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Since we just saw the revised Nissan Versa for 2023, this had to happen soon.

After the Altima and the Versa, the Sentra will also get the new Nissan sedan face. That face is definitely not an improvement on the Altima and Versa. The result is the same on the upcoming 2024 Sentra. Which is too bad since the current Sentra is a fine-looking sedan. And its current “face” is pretty clean and modern. This is really a step back from Nissan…

Amazing how manufacturers come up with a new front-end design for one of their cars and quickly have to rush a quick redesign of all their previous models to match. Just a ridiculous habit.

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  1. Nissan needs to stop selling the low-end Mexican made cars for North America. Toyota tends to offer nicer looking cars, and now that they have the Crown, Nissan seems more like a crap box company.

  2. 100% agree. I saw one yesterday and thought “that’s actually a good looking design”. This new direction is total cr@p for the sake of change only

  3. agree with you guys, this is a step backwards. hopefully the new car is way cheaper for them to manufacture and this is why they “redesigned” it.. otherwise they should have saved their $

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