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Another day, another new Chinese EV. Or a new Chinese brand. Or so it seems.

The GT Opus 1 is the first model introduced by the new BeyonCa brand. The new brand intends to take on premium brands like Tesla, Audi, and others in the Chinese luxury EV market. BeyonCa is led by the current CEO of Renault China, and apparently “backed” by Renault (whatever that actually means) As well as the Chinese manufacturer DongFeng Motor. As usual, it comes with big claims. Like a production-ready model being unveiled early next year, with actual production starting in 2024. We’ll see…

I think the prototype above ( or probably just computer-generated illustrations and video at this point) looks really nice. Especially that rear quarter view. There are also many really cool-looking retro-futuristic elements in the interior. The whole thing already looks much more luxurious and modern than the aging Tesla Model S.

At an expected price of over $97 000, the new EV will compete in the higher-end electric car sedan segment. Against the Tesla Model S. But also Porsche Taycan, Mercedes EQS, Lucid Air, or Audi e-Tron GT. Although the BeyonCa looks like it’s targeting a more luxurious look and feel.

Good to see another small company trying something different.

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  1. The rear three-quarter view looks great, but in the other images the proportions look a bit off to me. All haunches and no glasshouse, and the front clip is too big.

    But the treatment of the surfaces is great, and the interior (what we can see of it) is as you might expect for this kind of vehicle (luxo-tech plutocratmobile).

    It’ll be interesting to see if we ever hear of it again.

  2. That looks pretty amazing, with the exception of the lower side window cut line. Would it have killed them to make it straight?

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