Buick Electra E5: a look inside.

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We finally get to see the interior of the all-new Buick Electra E5 electric SUV. And it looks like a case of a “great interior in a super boring car”.

At least in these photos, the interior looks really modern and luxurious. And extremely roomy. But that exterior is one of the worst I’ve seen lately. A truly boring design lacking any personality at all. his could really be any new SUV design from any Chinese company.

We’re still not sure what we’ll be getting in the US as our first electric Buick. Some rumors do mention this Electra E5, while others mention the slightly smaller (and 1000% better looking) Electra E4. I’ve even heard we could be getting both.

This is the one Buick needs in the US: the Elctra E4. Just squeeze the E5 interior in it and you have a winner. Since Buick’s offering will of course be cheaper than the $58 000 Cadillac Lyriq, something like this would actually compete against higher-end versions of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. The lumpy E5 wouldn’t. Something stylish like this is exactly what Buick needs.

And they will have the advantage of qualifying for Federal incentives as well.

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  1. Hi Vince,
    Thank you for showing us the photos of the interior of the Buick Electra E5. To me, it looks very nice! And I happen to think that the vehicle’s exterior in light blue is nice as well, admittedly on the conservative side, but clean and elegant (rather than trendy). I do admit that the E4 looks even better to me, especially in white. So we’ll see what Buick puts on sale in the USA during the next few years.

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