2024 Lincoln Nautilus: new spy shots.

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We have seen a few photos of the next-generation Lincoln Nautilus before. Inside and out. Also from China.

So far, the next Nautilus seems to be a Chinese model. Since it is based on the Ford Edge, I’m not sure Lincoln will actually sell the next one in North America. The new Ford Edge we saw just a few weeks ago also seems to be a Chinese market product. Only around 24 000 units of the Nautilus were sold in the US last year.

While the new Edge looks like a weirdo, this new Nautilus looks pretty good. A lot like the Chinese market Corsair (Which has a different design from the US model). t seems like a nice clean update, and the designers didn’t go nuts. Except for that weird long chrome/black trim on the side, running from the fender into the door. (???)

As for the interior, it is pretty crazy. I guess they just couldn’t squeeze everything into the multi-screen setup under the windshield and still had to add yet another screen on the console.. maybe they have a deal with PepBoys for after-market cheap tablet screens, and it just had to be done?

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  1. Ford is in love with screens. The cheeper looking, the better… just look at the “new” Mustang” interior.

  2. This looks amazing and much better than the China-version Edge which has a weird C-pillar. Ford is idiotic to not fill the Edge/Nautilus mid size space.

  3. What a farce, Lincoln (check the name…) an American company, is selling their cars to the Communist Chinese. I say, TO HELL WITH LINCOLN, I’m going with Cadillac!!

  4. Cadillac sells a ton of cars in China too. If you want American try a Mercedes, they build them in Alabama.

  5. umm stuart are you not aware that Cadillac and Buick are under the same umbrella and Buick loves China… as for building:

    Lincoln Navigator – Louisville, Kentucky
    Lincoln Aviator – Chicago, ill
    Lincoln Nautilus – Oakville, Ontario, Canada (okay got me there)
    Lincoln Corsair – Louisville, Ken

  6. its also odd that they are doing this since they updated the interior already but are ignoring the Ford Edge counterpart.

    As for the Aviator, it could use an update like the Natilus interior got bigger screen and moved the push button start/stop to a toggle switch integrated with the shifter toggles. Check it out

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