Next-generation Buick Regal: new illustration.

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Next-generation Buick Regal illustration.
Chinese market Buick Regal.

The Buick Regal disappeared from the US back in 2020. It was basically an Opel Insignia sold in North America under the Buick Regal name. The second generation Insignia first came out in Europe in 2017, where it was sold until last year. But it is still produced and sold in China. Where it is still quite popular with almost 100 000 sold in 2021.

We already know Buick is redesigning the larger Lacrosse sedan for the Chinese market. It would be logical to follow with a new version of the smaller Regal.

While the 2024 Lacrosse will be a new design on top of the previous generation platform, the same thing might not be possible for a new Regal. Since GM might not have access to the old Opel platform for another generation (GM sold Opel to Peugeot in 2017).

I am sure GM has a few platforms they can use for a new Regal. Maybe a shorter variant of the Lacrosse platform? The illustration above shows a very modern sedan with a new Buick face. Which is probably close to what a new Regal would look like. Since that front end seems to be used on everything with a Buick badge these days.

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  1. I test drove a ’18 Regal TourX AWD wagon and loved the look and the wagon size and shape. What I felt that car needed was to be a little bit taller, have a more modern interior, and it felt slow off the line particularly considering the fuel economy. If Buick has solutions to those elements that they can package into a new Regal (maybe with a different name), I would love to see that come to the US. The illustration is a nice looking car.

  2. The lack of gorund clearance was one of the main complaints about the Tour X. Which is really too bad. I think it looked great and was priced right.

  3. It’s a bit of a common misconception that Stellantis have ownership of the E2XX platform following their acquisition of GM Europe (Opel/Vauxhall). GM still own the platform, using it for the Chev Malibu and obviously the Chinese-built Buick Regal, and there will be some other derivatives.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. That explains why the next Malibu will still be based on the same platform.

  5. Nice try, that new Regal rendering has a Chinese Envision grill and th we body of a Hyundai.

  6. Once again we are teased what is available to the Chinese whyle we are stuck with a vast progression of look alike SUV’s.
    Being a long time Buick buyer I am considering switching my brands😖😖

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