Tesla Cybertruck interior.

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These new photos appear to show the final production version of the Tesla Cybertruck, although nothing has been unveiled officially, so who knows…

As expected, the interior is as minimalist as can be, which is fine, but it also looks really cheap. That super plasticky-looking console and flat interior door panels look pretty bad. (Although, again, this might not be the final product). Visibility might also be an issue with a giant and super thick A-pillar corner. Plus, the whole dashboard looks like it’s at least 2 feet deep. Something reminiscent of GM’s 1990s Minivans.

Outside, the huge wiper still looks goofy and weird. Elon Musk had mentioned a while ago that the production truck would have triangular mirrors, and here they are. Even if the trucks in the photos aren’t the final product, they are probably close to it.

No one knows anything about pricing yet since that has been removed from Tesla’s site a long time ago. Back in 2019, we were told the base model would start at $40 000. That ended up being the Ford F-150 Lighning‘s based price when it came out (it has since gone up to over $60 000). The Cybertruck will probably not start at $40 000 anymore, but could still be much cheaper than the Ford.

I’ve read about all kinds of production problems due to the Stainless Steel “Exoskeleton”. This could also result in crash test problems due to a possible lack of crumple zones and a lack of pedestrian safety due to its design.

It will be very interesting to see if this turns out to be a success or not. This is obviously not for everyone, and yet, Tesla claims 1.5 million orders already. We’ll have to wait and see how many of these translate into actual sales once the real thing is unveiled and the final design and interior are revealed. Which should be before the end of the year.

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  1. That looks like something from a military vehicle, maybe. Interior looks really cheap and unrefined. Hopefully it’s just the pre-production models

  2. That visibility out the front looks terrible. Also if anyone is planning on using this for an actual work truck , that touch screen is not going to work. Otherwise it looks like a garbage truck going down the street. We will see how it does.

  3. Tesla says they make triple the profits per vehicle vs. industry standards.

    One look at this super plain interior is all you need to believe that is likely true.

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