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While the Buick Regal is no longer sold in the US, it has been around in China and selling pretty well.

But GM has chosen not to redesign it for 2024 as they did with the Buick Lacrosse or Cadillac CT6. Instead, the Regal is getting a new front end with the “big mouth” now found on all Buick models. Probably revised tail lights and basically the same interior as before.

The current generation Regal was introduced in 2017 in the US and sold until 2020. It was basically a German Opel Insignia with Buick badges. It seems a bit odd for GM not to have a new design for a 6-year-old car. Especially for the Chinese market. It could mean something more important is on its way, like an EV replacement which would be Buick’s first electric sedan for the Chinese market.

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  1. Before anyone might say “what an awful design,” it looks like someone has used a black marker to obscure certain design elements, like the turn indicator lights and the license plate frame. Let’s wait to see more before deciding.

  2. it’s the black license plate that makes it look weird against the random bits of the grille.

  3. “the Regal is getting a new front end with the “big mouse” now found on all Buick model”

    Is this supposed to say “big mouth” instead?

    Also – “The current generation Regal was introduced in 20217 in the US”

  4. Wow ; China sure gets those great old American Cars , we now miss.
    All the while Buick can give us our ” choice ” of Crossovers , crowding there empty showrooms.in the US.

    Just met a longtime Buick owner who walked out to a Toyota Dealer , for first time in his life & HAPPY .

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