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Do not watch this if you need to operate heavy machinery within the hour as looking at the new 2024 Lexus TX SUV for more than 2 minutes has a 96% chance of putting you to sleep.

Not only is this the most generic SUV design possible, but its interior may also be the worst Lexus offers right now. The 2024 RX has a much more luxurious interior design and even the new Toyota Grand Highlander this is based on seems much fancier inside.

Sure, Lexus dealers have been asking for years for something like this. But at a starting price of probably over $60 000, this is sure to only attract the Lexus purists. Anyone looking around could surely find something more luxurious.

Of course, they will play out the brand’s excellent reliability ratings, but that shouldn’t be enough. A reliable luxury SUV shouldn’t be as “unluxurious” as this…

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  1. The D-pillar throws me off, with its blacked out section having a very unsatisfying mashup of angles and seams. I think the strange illusion is due its the horizontal chrome “spear” at the top of this pillar, which chops the vertical aspect into something unflattering.

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