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Honda EV sedan illustration

While Honda doesn’t even offer one EV in the US yet (although the new Ultium-based 2024 Honda Prologue is coming soon) it’s another story in China.

Next year, they will sell the new e:NP2, e: NS2 and e: N SUV (and we thought tbZ4x was bad…) electric SUVs.

Honda has also shown teaser images of an upcoming EV sedan called the e: N GT. As we’ve seen before, the early concepts shown were much wilder than the almost final version of the other EVs mentioned above. That crazy angular sedan design will be toned down a lot for production.

The illustration on top shows what the production version could look like.

These are Honda’s concepts for the Chinese markets seen for the first time a few weeks ago. The SUVs are toned down quite a bit from earlier versions and now just resemble the current crop of Honda Crossvers with jazzy LED lights added to otherwise pretty boring designs. The sedan concept is still very early.

Thanks to the popularity of the Tesla Model 3, it seems manufacturers are eager to introduce electric sedans in North America. The Model 3 was followed by the Hyundai Ioniq 6 and soon by the VW ID.7 More expensive models from Poelstar and BMW are also available and soon it seems everyone will offer at least one electric sedan model. Once Honda has their own platform, it will make sense to offer a sedan over here.

And who knows, it could very well be ready on time to actually replace the current Accord in about 5 years…

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  1. I prefer the EV Sedan illustration above over the current Accord redesign (which is a big nothing-sandwich). But either way, Honda needs to get moving on this (and Acura which should reconsider hybrids IMO).

  2. Why is it that the enthusiasts that do these illustrations are far better designers than the actual car designers!

  3. Because the enthusiasts have no talent that is based in reality for building for volume. Their “Concepts” don’t take into account, packaging, safety, ease of building, ease of maintenance. These space ship designs, never make it production because they aren’t practical to build. If they had real talent they would be doing this for real.

    Maybe back in the days before WWII they might have been able to design for one offs on bare chassis. But that’s completely different when you need to pump out hundreds of thousands of something to make a profit.

  4. I think you protest too much. The wheel wells would not be as extended, the hood not as low. But while illustrators may not have the same restrictions for build required for the body-in-white and safety systems, there is nothing about the illustration that could not be translated onto any of the current Honda sedan dimensions to better effect than the existing Accord. Even the lower door flourish is straight out of the Acura lineup.

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