Kia EV4

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The Kia EV9 is barely out, and we’ve already seen the smaller EV5 crossover. Now we’re seeing what would logically be called the EV4. A smaller and cheaper model that looks just a little larger than a Kia Soul.

We don’t even have an official US price yet for the EV9, which means guessing the price of these other models is quite difficult. The EV5 will probably be priced below the Tesla Model Y. Although at $ 50,000, the Model Y is loaded. The EV6 starts at under $43 000 in the US, which means a basic EV5 could still start at under $40 000. But again, these base models’ equipment doesn’t really compare with Teslas.

An EV4 starting at under $ 35,000 would be competitive. Although that would still be more than the larger Chevrolet Equinox EV (If GM actually builds the base model). The big problem for Kia will be the $ 39,500 Kia Niro EV. The new EV4 pictured above looks very similar in size to a Niro. A much cheaper EV4 EV would surely be bad news for the Niro EV…

We’ll see…

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