2024 Toyota C-HR.

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While many are complaining about so many boring and uninspired Toyota designs, they do have a few really nice ones.

Just like the new Prius and Crown Signia, the all-new 2nd generation 2024 Toyota C-HR is one of them.

I think it looks great, and quite futuristic with loads of personality, while feeling more mature than the e1st generation. Since the previous one was never the hit in the US Toyota has hoped for, we will not be seeing this new one over here. Which is really too bad.

Not only does it look ultra modern, but the interior seems seven better than the new Prius, while similar in many ways. It is of course a bit larger than the outgoing model, and you can get larger wheels up to 20 inches. You can also now get a cool panoramic roof.

It is available in Europe in 3 versions, all hybrids. The Hybrid 140 with a 1.8 Liter Hybrid with 140HP. The Hybrid 200 comes with a larger 2.0 Liter Hybrid with 197HP. The Hybrid 200 AWD-i adds all-wheel drive. There is also a Hybrid 220 PHEV with an EV range of about 41 miles in the European test cycle.

These all sound very similar to what the Prius and Prius Prime offer in the US.

The new 2024 C-HR will be more expensive than the Prius in Europe. By about $7000 in England. Which would mean a starting price of around $ 31,000 in the US. Which could be a bit much? Since it doesn’t seem to offer that much more, except the super modern styling and nicer interior.

In the US, the next Toyota Hybrid up from the Prius is the larger Camry. Which is now only available as a hybrid for 2025. The current Camry Hybrid starts at $ 28,500.

I am not sure where a new Hybrid-only C-HR would fit in Toyota’s current US lineup but they are adding one SUV after another over here US anyway. So why not this new little guy with a fun futuristic personality?

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  1. They don’t offer it at all anymore. They pulled it from their website. I thought it sold well, as I saw quite a few in my area. I’ve driven one before. They should have released the hybrid version here. They also should have made blind spot monitoring standard, as visibility is terrible.

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