Future Cadillac EVs.

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GM just released a new teaser showing future Cadillac EVs.

This is actually a terrible and cheap-looking photo that seems to repeat the car under cover twice. You can tell the folds from the cover appear exactly the same.

The new model seems to be taller than the new Cadillac Optiq with a more obvious and classic SUV shape. It also seems a bit shorter. Cadillac has already announced they will unveil 3 new EVs this year. The first two are the Escalade IQ and Optiq, there isn’t much time left to introduce a 3rd model. Which is expected to be a 3-row SUV larger than the Lyriq, but of course, smaller than the huge Escalade IQ. It would be about the size of the current XT6.

The model pictured above looks even smaller than the new Optiq, so not a large 3-row SUV here. It actually seems like it could be a Cadillac version of the next-generation Chevrolet Bolt recently announced by Mary Barra. I guess something like this would make a lot of sense for the Chinese market, but another “too small” Cadillac could be a problem over here…

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  1. Yeah, the obviously photoshopped in Optiq makes it hard to determine the actual size of the covered vehicles. How well scaled is the Optiq image to the others?
    The Optiq has made me give up on future Cadillacs. The Lyriq, Celestiq, and Optiq all look overwrought and tacky. What’s with the weird black fluted C-pillar of the Optiq?

    All GM’s EV designs shown for US release thus far look like something a bored teenager would doodle during math class after he’d smoked something funny during recess.

  2. They obviously photoshopped the Optiq in there, along with the other vehicles so you can’t scale the image and find out how big these other 2 covered vehicles are. I kind of get the feeling that the 2 covered vehicles might be the same model just one a 2 row and one a 3 row version. Or the same model, but one is a lifted version, similar to how Audi used to have the A6 wagon and the A6 All Road.

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