2024 Lancia Ypsilon.

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The little Lancia Ypsilon will finally be new next year. And it’s about time since the current generation came out in 2011! The Lancia brand is one of the many casualties of Sergio Marchionne who was doing his best to starve all car brands and only invest in Jeep and Dodge/Ram trucks while he was “running” the Fiat empire. Somehow, the brand and its only model survived the storm. It is now being revived under Stelantis.

The new Ypsilon will share its platform and powertrains with other small Stelantis cars like the Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa, Citroen C4, and DS3 Crossback. That’s a lot of sharing, which seems to show in the final design.

Lancia showed us the crazy, yet pretty cool and futuristic concept Pu=Ra HPE Concept a few months ago, which is supposed to be a design influence for future Lancia models. Except, it seems trying to include some concept elements into the small EV hatchback has been difficult for the designers. I’m afraid the final product will look like some sort of a Frankenstein car that tries to include some weird bits from the concept into an otherwise pretty generic shape. That front end might end up looking really awkward on the small production car. You can also tell they’ve tried to include a version of the Concept’s taillight on the production model as well.

The whole thing might end up looking just plain weird. Or not…

Same thing inside where the only thing left from the concept seems to be the circular tray under the dash. Which could end up looking quite ridiculous under a very square screen and a much more traditional interior.

At least they seem to be trying something different, which is quite rare these days. I hope the designers were able to come up with something nice despite the constraints of the “no so new” platform.

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  1. Truly beyond pathetic. It’s hard to believe some people actually get paid to “design” such an atrocity and others get paid to approve it. Lancia is rather like the European Buick: what’s the point?

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