2025 Chevrolet Camaro EV SUV.

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GM will soon be offering a new Chevrolet Camaro generation. The most important model could be a new sporty 4-door electric crossover. Which would probably be competing directly against the Ford Mustang Mach-e. At least, that’s been the current plan for a while.

But who really knows? It seems there isn’t that much room for yet another EV SUV between the Equinox EV and Blazer EV. Since a Corvette EV SUV is also planned above the Blazer, I’m not sure where the new Camaro would fit in. Currently, the Blazer EV is priced at up to $ 66,000. Anything above that would make the Camaro EV SUV much more expensive than the Mustang Mach-E, with its top-of-the-line GT starting at $ 60,000. The Blazer is also offered in a sporty SS version with over 550HP. I cannot imagine a Camaro EV SUV being much sportier or more powerful than this.

The main problem is of course the multiple issues from the Ultium platform, resulting in a stop-sale order for the new Blazer EV. Which probably also means a long delay for the Equinox EV, and any other model after it. Like the Cadillac Optiq and Vistiq. And maybe even the Escalade IQ. And that about the crazy expensive $300 000 Cadillac Celestiq ? If something is wrong with the software of the Ultiumplatform itself, all of these are in trouble…

It seems GM might have more problems than others transitioning to a new EV lineup which is too bad. Let’s hope they can figure things out quickly and bring us a new-generation Camaro. Who knows, they might even offer a real coupe and convertible…

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  1. WTF! Someone’s obviously hit a brick wall in the thinking department. You may as well start letting babies come up with these ideas!! (Smh)

  2. Hell no,not gonna be as fast,and not moldable,it’s ugly,at least the Camaro stock engine you could boost with little to no tools,why is it a fuckin truck we like cars and GAS cars are WAY Cheaper THAN A EV EVER WILL BE….

  3. Let’s makes something that’s big and beefy like… A REAL Blazer… EV if you like. The Camaro needs to die and stay dead. Bury them in the ground that’s where the coffins belong.

  4. GM is obviously trying to go out of business. They’re giving us cars we don’t even want. Just make the Impala again and Lacrosse. The Mach E isn’t popular so why make a Camaro crossover EV. I’d buy a hybrid before I buy EV. Wrong move GM you’re going to make me buy a Toyota…. Ew

  5. Your EV ideas sucks just like the new Camero EV idea don’t destroy an American Icon like Ford is with their Mustang EV which is UGLY As Hell . EV s are a Bad Joke 🤣🤣 and not appealing to the American people at all WTF are you all thinking?? Get a grip or go out business !! Go EV and go broke !! A true Chevrolet fan!!

  6. If GM truly advanced their battery tech and packaging, why not use that in advancing hybrids, while they figure out the couple of EVs they’ve already committed to making. But get a bunch of managers together and they’ll give you the great logic of going from A directly to D is their great logic. Not getting to B and C first.

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