2026 Chevrolet Corvette EV SUV.

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Chevrolet Corvette electric SUV illustration.

It’s no secret GM is planning big things for the Corvette and Camaro brand names.

Regarding the Corvette, a new 4-door AWD sport SUV has been planned for a while. Apparently, we could see the new model in 2024, at least as a concept. A final production version could go on sale in 2025. Just like the current C8 Corvette has been compared to much more expensive Italian sports cars, the new SUV could be considered a much cheaper Lamborghini Urus competitor. Although “much cheaper” won’t really mean affordable since it will probably reach $ 100,000 pretty quickly.

Before anyone screams “Blasphemy”, let’s not forget the Ferrari. Purosangue, The Rolls Royce Cullinan, the Urus, and the “old classics”: The Bentley Bentayga and Porsche Cayenne. All of these are considered blasphemous by many. A raised u p 4-door crossover body driving like a sports car is a bit ticket item with a huge profit margin. Sure the Porsche 911 is the classic Porsche. But last year, it sold 10,172 units. The Cayenne was about twice as popular the same year. The Chevrolet Corvette is a much more popular car in the US with over 37,000 of them sold last year. Doubling that number for the new SUV could bring total Corvette sales (Coupe/Convertible and SUV) to over 110,000 units a year. Something GM would have a very hard time to say no to.

But, as well all know, GM has to make sure their Ultium platform is ready for primetime. Which apparently, it might not be since they had to stop sales of the all-new Chevrolet Blazer EV. And have had many problems with the Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV models.

When these problems are resolved, the reach car buyers will have yet another choice to spend over $100 000 in a super fast electric SUV they will never take off-road, or even drive that fast…

Corvette SUV illustration
Corvette SUV illustration

These are tow older and more conservative illustrations of a possible Chevrolet Corvette EV, previously posted.

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  1. I think that whole “never take it offroad” thing might be just for California and a few other mild-weather/fully-paved places.
    Here in Canada, anyone who can afford a 6-figure SUV also owns a cottage at the end of a long rough road. Not to mention that the sky can dump a foot or more of snow at any time from November to April, and that you and your family regularly travel to ski hills.
    That’s not exactly rock-crawling, or traversing the Outback, but it’s all stuff that requires ground clearance and lots of load space for the family. It’s all stuff you can’t do in an S Class, or in a Model S.
    I think it’s the same in most of the world. If you are rich, you probably own some land that isn’t directly connected to the paved road network.

    The truly useless category are supercars. How often do you go to a racetrack, or drive at 150 MPH?

  2. I think that the management in General Motors has lost their collective minds. A Corvette SUV is the dumbest thing in the world.In addition, pricing it at a ridiculous $100,000 plus is not going to render many sales. Realistically speaking the average working man CAN’T afford that kind of pricing. GM will make out better leaving the Corvette a SPORTS CAR not a butt ugly SUV.

  3. The idea that every major nameplate needs to be expanded into its own brand is an idea I think will be gone five years after its implemented. Its just bad (ie. lazy) marketing. Leave the Corvette name alone. Chevy has LOTS of other storied names its not currently using. And as for Caddy – the Escalade brand extension I think will fail in even less than 5 yrs.

  4. I think that would be an awsome vehicle- Should be a great seller for those of you that don’t want to put down a couple of hundred thousand dollars on an exotic like Lambo or Ferrari or even Aston Martin. Looking forward to seeing it. I already put my name on a list for purchase.

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